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Headshot Cropping Options

Headshots have come a long way from the portraits many of us remember from our youth. Styles evolve just like fashion, and today's online needs usually dictate what each person may need. For this reason Morton Visuals is accustomed to shooting for a variety of uses. We can deliver images for any uses you might need. Most people don't think about headshot cropping, so let's take a look at some of your options for Headshots In Dallas.

Social Media Headshots

Our basic session is our Social Media Headshots. This 30-minute session delivers a finished image that is cropped and sized and ready for uploading directly to social media websites. Most social media channels like LinkedIn now use the square format for profile photos. These images are sized to 400px x 400px based on the current 2020 recommendations.

Remember that what is visible is often in a circular mask, meaning the corners aren't visible. Because of this it is important to allow room for those corners, and allow the face to fill the area that will be visible on a small amount of your computer or mobile screen. Below is an example of how we normally crop those social media headshots, as well as what it will look like when posted online. We are displaying thumbnails, since that is closer to what you normally see online. Click to view the enlarged version.

Business Headshots

Our most popular sessions are our Business Headshots. This is because the longer session allows more time for more different looks (and more choices). We include a high-resolution 8x10 digital image along with a bonus social media version like the one illustrated above. The 8x10, a longtime standard for headshot cropping, can be done in a traditional vertical crop or in a trendier contemporary crop as illustrated below.

Traditional business headshot 8x10 format
Contemporary headshot cropping

As you can see, the contemporary style crops in to the image much more, and is typically a horizontal image. Because of this more emphasis is on the face, which is "closer" to the viewer. Many feel that this makes the headshot more personal. Additionally this style often lends itself to a crop that I call "extended wide," which can be specifically cropped for the growing number of uses like website banners and social media cover images. The clean background can be extended indefinitely so that the image fits most any panoramic dimensions.

Obviously not everyone cares for the cropped in headshots. Many prefer the traditional versions, to which they have become accustomed for everything from business headshots to family portraits. However, we want you to know that Headshots In Dallas can accommodate whatever style you need to match your business, your brand, or your preferences.

What do you prefer - traditional or contemporary? Click here and let us know in the comments!

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