Business Headshots On Location

group headshots on location in Dallas
Group Headshots are scheduled differently,
based on the total number of people to be photographed.
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Group Headshots
Session at a Glance:

  • We bring a photo studio to your offices to minimize the time impact on your team
  • One consistent look for each and every person
  • Each person can select their favorite image on the spot to ensure they are happy with their headshot
  • One retouched image file per person

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We calculate a price based on the total number of headshots and the total time required on-site. We can photograph one person each 5 minutes if absolutely necessary, but ideally we recommend 10-15 minutes per person.

Our Location Business Headshots are designed for companies seeking headshots of their entire team, in the convenience of their own offices. Group headshots provide a consistent look and a very minimal impact on company operations. We typically set up on-site in a company's conference room or training room so that each person can step in when ready. We can photograph your entire staff on-site this way, and we minimize the time requirements on you and your staff.

We shoot directly to a laptop computer so that you can see our images as they are captured -- allowing you to make any changes or adjustments you desire before we continue. We want to ensure that each person is happy with their selected image before they leave.

One digital image file is included, including basic retouching! Yes, we clean up anything like pimples, stray hairs, etc! All of the finished images are uploaded to your choice of Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Group headshots sessions begin at $750. Per-person pricing will be reduced significantly depending on the number of people we photograph. Photographing your entire team, for example, will yield a much lower cost per-person than setting up for a single headshot. For photographing multiple people or for environmental setups please contact us for a quote, or select a preferred date and time frame using the button above to calculate the (approximate) total pricing for a company to generate a Purchase Order. NOTE that our per-person pricing will be lower with volume!

A popular option is bringing in a professional makeup artist to do last minute touch-ups and grooming for everyone. This ensures that you all look your very best! We can recommend several for your consideration.