What’s your return policy?


We show you your images as they are captured, so that you will know you have something you like before you ever leave. We include basic retouching all any and all images we deliver. Not satisfied with the retouching? Tell us what you dont' like - what you want more of or less of - and we'll rework it once for free. Have questions about our post production? Just ask!



How do I get my images?


We either email your image(s) directly to you, or if you have purchased multiple images, we will upload them to Dropbox for you to download at your convenience.



Do you have customer service?


Of course! We are happy to answer your questions 24/7/365. Just give us a call, or shoot us an email. See our Contact Us page.



Any advice on how to prepare for my headshot session?


Absolutely! We have an article about this on the Morton Visuals photography blog, titled "Look Your Best For Your Business Headshots."



Do you have a makeup artist?

We don't have a makeup artist available full-time, but we do have a listing that we can recommend. Please feel free to contact any of the artists listed below for their rates and availability.


How do I book a headshot session?


Simple! Just Book A Headshot Session. Select the type of session you need (based on time and number of "looks"), then choose your date and time.