Lifestyle Business Branding

Business Branding Lifestyle is a popular goal for marketing departments. This is lifestyle photography in a business environment, and serves to show a greater variety of an executive's daily activities. Ideally this illustrates the professional in their environment, doing what they do - both with and without other team members. With more extensive time allotted, we are able to capture more variations for additional uses.

We shoot directly to a laptop computer so that you can see our images as they are captured -- allowing you to make any changes or adjustments you desire before we continue. This is all designed to ensure that we have several options from which you can choose for your company website, social media, PR use, and more.

All selected images ordered are fully retouched and "magazine-ready" for your marketing use. Yes, we clean up anything like pimples, stray hairs, etc! Images are priced separately.

This session typically takes ½-day. This allows us to showcase the executive in different wardrobe (so everything doesn't look like it was created in the same day), different settings, and with different styles. Please contact us to discuss options and pricing.